The best rechargeable batteries: Sanyo Eneloops

I thought I’d do a quick post today about the type of rechargeable batteries I use on all my speedlights. First off, why not use regular Energizer AAs? Well… besides the cost of having to buy a new pack each time, the Sanyo Eneloops also recycle the speedlights faster than most other batteries. This means that your wait time is less after each firing of your speedlights.

Another reason I prefer these batteries over other rechargeables is how they retain their charges when not in use. Typical NiMH rechargeable batteries will quickly discharge over time if they are not used. What’s this mean to you? Have you ever picked up your rechargeable batteries expecting them to be fully charged, only to have them crap out on you? These Sanyo Eneloops will not do that. They retain their charge better and longer than typical AA batteries (still 80% full after 6 months). This was the reason (before the Sanyos) I would always fully charge my batteries the night before a photo shoot.

Don’t just take my word for it, Jeff Lynch an avid photographer wrote up his own review on these Sanyo Eneloop batteries. He loves them too.

Anyways, I thought I’d just pass this little bit of information to you, just in case you were curious. They work equally well for TV remotes and such too. You can buy these for $13/ pack of 4 AA from the same trusty place I buy mine. They offer them in all the usual sizes too: AAA, AA, C, D.

Sanyo Eneloop AA 4-pack: $13     Sanyo Eneloop AA 4-pack w/ Charger: $18

Click here for more information on the Sanyo Eneloop technology.

  • Lynn said:

    Thanks! I'm always looking for great rechargables!! [:

  • tyger said:

    Lynn, thanks for stopping by our blog. These really are the most reliable ones I've used. I've had a few other brands die on me already... the Sanyo Eneloops are still going =)