Has it been six years already?

*Update: Thank you everyone for your well wishes. Thank you Babe for being wonderful you! <3

When we first started dating, it was during those unbelievable dusk-til-dawn conversations when I slowly started realizing…I was one of the lucky ones in finding someone who I could grow old with. I laugh more, celebrate more, live more – and not to mention, look better – when I am with you. =d You are so amazing – you tell me so all the time – and I couldn’t be more excited today to be celebrating six crazy beautiful years of treasured times with you. Happy Anniversary Babe!

I wanted you to know how precious these years with you have been, how much I look forward to seeing your face everyday, how your smile makes me feel like a girl’s impossible wish (I would like a magical red balloon please) could surely come true. I love you c: So where did those six years go? I thought a fun way to tell our story would be to photoshop the hell out of us , I hope you enjoy it Babe! (Thank you Lori for your perfect scribbles!)

Love Story
  • tyger said:

    omg I love this. The photoshoot one it's priceless... I think this is the bestest evernasary gift ever! ooxxooXoX

  • Mk said:

    Awe, this is TOO cute! It totally matches you two too. I love it! Happy Anniversary love bird ;)

  • millie said:

    GOSH GET MARRIED ALREADY :), happy evernasary (ty i know where you got that frm, lol)

  • grace said:

    Awww... how cute! Happy Anniversary!! =)

  • AWww.... this is so sweet! Six years is something to be proud of. Congratulations Kay and Ty.

  • Xia said:

    AW! How cute. Love the illustrations. Happy Anniversary =)

  • Lynn said:

    OMG! How CUTEEEEEEE!!!! I love the story line! Hahah! Your sister's a GREAT artist. It's cute!!

  • chozen one said:

    omg.. lovely .. just lovely =)

  • digit said:

    I really am jealous of people that can draw. Very, very cute. Happy anniversary! Let's make it a wedding anniversary soon! :) Enjoy!!!

  • Lori said:

    haha, I'm glad you stayed the extra night so we could do this together <3 I MISS YOU!

  • ying said:

    your too cute! and i love the story! =)

  • Pa Nhia Lee said:

    Omg..super cute. The bf and my anniversary is the day after, April 9th! :)