Spring photoshoot: Wild flowers

We try to take walks everday when we can for the sake of our health… and to keep the relationship gut at bay. It’s amazing what you can find when you actually take the time to explore your neighborhood. When we’re walking, it’s second nature now to look around for interesting photo spots… and a few weeks back, we hit jackpot!

Click through for a bit against mother nature, why do women need so many dresses, more photos and a BTS shot.

We were pretty excited upon finding the field full of golden wild flowers. Kay’s got the perfect matching yellow dress to bring out the golden tone even more so. Which now brings us to my point of women and their dresses. Do you really need so many dresses? Kay’s reasoning is that women have the memory of an elephant when it comes to dresses. They can recall every dress that friends of theirs have worn to any social event. Because of this, every new event needs a new dress. Huh??!! I don’t get it.

So I pose this question to you ladies out there. For those of you who have visited this blog before, have you seen this yellow dress before? If so, which photo shoots/locations? Try this without having to search the blog at first, let me know in the comments section. Maybe this will close the door to an on-going argument we have lol.

If you look closely at the photos above, you’ll notice that these were taken on 2 separate days. The first day had beautiful overcast clouds… yay! we thought. But, no more than 30 minutes into shooting, I felt a few rain drops come down. How quickly mother nature can turn on you. What then followed is what always happens when you’re amongst friends at first drizzle. We both stood straight up, looked left and right (yup, just like the little critters on Discovery channel), then looked at each other as if silently asking, “Did you feel that? Was that a sprinkle?” It’s a good thing we usually pack lite; we were out of there fast. As soon as we got to the car, it started raining, no joke!

Anyways, here are a few fun photos we always try to capture along with the BTS shot. Doesn’t Kay look like she’s taking a mean one on mother nature for turning the weather on us?

Main Light:
Nikon SB600 x2 speedlights in High Speed Sync mode. With the speedlights in HSS mode, it allows us to use shutter speeds greater than the typical 1/250 max shutter sync speed. By increasing the shutter speed in broad daylight, we can now use a wider aperture (lower f-stop number) for a more creative background blurred effect. With the setting sun as the edgelight, we bounced the speedlights against the California Sunbounce Micro-mini. The Micro-mini is 2’x3′ and gives you an option to use a golden zebra surface or soft white to bounce. Bouncing the light from the flash onto the Micro-mini and back to the subject works better than just bare strobes because the larger your flash surface area is (2’x3′ vs 2″x3″ of the speedlights) the softer your shadows will look. Additionally, the closer your light is to the subject the softer the shadows will be as well. This was our first time using the Micro-mini on-location; it worked very well. It is very lightweight, easy to handle and more resistant to wind than an open umbrella. If unattended on a lightstand, you still need a sandbag though.

Edge Light:
Sun light. Again, we used the sun for an additional edge light. Have your subject turn their back towards the sun, expose your camera for the ambient light, then fire away. Adjust your flash power as needed to keep the subject well lit. We were shooting down a hill a bit, so the direct rays of light were blocked by the hill… this made the edge lighting to be more feint than I would have liked.

Gear used:

  • mary said:

    Some great photos up there... very summer-ey!
    And in regards to the dress... I do remember it without having to look back. I think it might've been worn at a wedding and a separate photo shoot (although the exact location of the wedding and photo shoot I don't remember). And from NOW on, I think I will probably make a mental note of ALL Kay's dresses not so much because my memory of dresses is as large as an elephant, but because you guys have made a big deal about it... it's been imprinted on my mind =P

  • Lynn said:

    Gosh, you make it look sooo easy! Lol. But I agree with Kay. We do remember.
    & I haven't seen this dress before. Sometimes our memories tend to fail on us,
    but I'm pretty sure I haven't seen her with yellow. [: Correct me if I'm wrong.
    I'm confuse, where are you two from? I assumed california? But, on your
    myspace, it says WI? Lol.

  • Yang said:

    As always, the photos are lovely.

    My first (and second) thought upon seeing the 1st photo on the homepage... "Pretty picture. Hmm... she's worn that dress before." Kay's right; Us women notice everything (and remember everything). Although I couldn't tell you which photoshoot she wore it in previously, I'm positive that she has. What I can tell you is that those cute yellow flats she's wearing looks like the ones in the bamboo garden shoot and at the Grand Canyon. When women (just like men) wear an item too many times consecutively, some people tend to think THAT must be the only dress, shirt, pants, etc that you own. LOL. But this isn't the case with Kay. She looks great!

  • digit said:

    Actually, the dress looks really different here. It may be the background or the setting because it looks like a totally different dress. Great shots! The flowers and the little ladybugs are going to miss you guys when you leave. :(

  • cynthia said:

    yep, we're just funny like that..........
    great shooting again! don't we just love those simple yellow wild flowers field!

  • Mk said:

    I can't say I remember seeing that dress but I do remember those shoes. They were worn at the Grand Canyon shoot I believe...the shot where you guys took a picture of your feet by the ledge of a cliff. But then again, I may be wrong. I barely remember what I ate yesterday much less what I wore. So to Kay, "Cute NEW dress...to me at least!" Ehehehe....great pictures by the way. I love the gray storm clouds in the background. Great job guys :)

  • Julie said:

    I can't remember but it does look familiar. However, a dress only needs to be dressed up little with accessories, another layer of fabric, or a different pair of shoes and it looks totally different (I should know; I tend to wear the same item more than enough times, lol).

  • Julie said:

    Wait-wait... I think I remember now (after some brain searching). It was a blog about how you like to shoot on cloudy days because of the color and/or contrast.... or something to that nature.

  • so loved. no flowers over here yet in WIS sad, depressing when i see your photos.
    I'm always looking forward to seeing your updates.
    Busy being a FT mom, sitter, PT student and work FT, I haven't had chance to post any of my photos up yet. I hope soon since semester is almost over in 3 weeks.

  • ying said:

    greatt great pictures! love the ladybugs shot!...and YES i've seen that dress before too hmmm which post!?!?!.... wasn't it at an out-door place!?! =)

  • mdx said:

    I wanna see a photoshoot of Kay under a waterfall and at the red woods *FOR ME PLEASE KAY? As I luv waterfalls and to some day make it out there to walk thru the beautiful red woods!! You look astonishing a ever..luv the field of yellow flowers, very purrty!

  • mdx said:

    Ahhh...what a about a shallow stream of water with Kay in her hand a fishing pole, fishing gear and all trying to fish??? You'll still look amazingly beautiful with all that!!

    • @mdx
      Great ideas nyab, we're always looking for new places to plant our camera gear ahah!

      As for the dress, I love that yellow dress and I'm not against wearing things more than once...unless it's going to be posted on a photo blog ahah! That being said, shoes are ridiculously hard for me to find since I have my mother's midget toes so when I find a pair that I like, it's not coming off until it falls apart on me...especially if it's comfortable, which it is! ...well, after I broke it in and my feet were scraped raw and full of blisters...but that's all in the past, I'm very fond of my yellow flats as you can see. =d

  • Lori said:

    Wasn't that the yellow dress from the sunset shoot? It was all beautiful and glowy *_*

    And that field is also beautiful! I like the desaturated ones, but I think the full color ones are my favorites here just because of how bright and lively the yellow is.

  • morey said:

    Too gorgeous! Just wanna rape you with my eyes! ;-D

  • Your photos are awesome. I found your page while surfing the web.
    Thanks for sharing your works. You inspired me :)

  • Bao said:

    You guys take wonderful pictures. keep up the good work. I love coming to your blog to read ur stories and view ur pictures.

  • Na said:

    Love the vibrant yellow on yellow. Beautiful.

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  • stan said:

    you havent mentioned at what time of the day you shot this ?what shutter speed and aperture ? the pics are great for discussion on Hi speed sync