Road trip: Oregon Sand Dunes

Goodbye sunny California, Hello rainy season (is every season) Oregon. As we passed the Oregon border I felt a twinge of sadness at leaving behind all our special little spots we’d discovered over the past couple years: the hillside on which we were able to catch one of the most breathtaking sunsets I’d ever seen and where I first wore the “ yellow dress“; another hillside where I almost laid on some doggie poo because I forgot it was there, lucky for me Ty hadn’t; the woodsy area where the perfect light created some of my favorite images of myself (vain much eh?); then there was that street corner we found while taking one of our walks and behind that a neat little grove of trees where we shared a day of wedded bliss with two ladies we know and love; I could go on and on…because it’s rainy season here and when it’s rainy season it means I have lots of time to reminisce about less rainy places. =*(

On the upside, the Oregon Dunes kick some serious California hills butt!

It was a perfectly cloudy day when we dug our feet into the silky windswept sands of the spectacular Oregon Dunes. As it came into view, my face was literally pressed to the window with eyes all 0_0 when I saw the combination of sand and flourishing forests. Who was the genius behind that?! Of course it would be a woman, thank you, mother nature! It’s wondrous what happens when rock, wind, and water share a little time together.

“For nearly fifty miles of southern Oregon coastline, from the mouth of the Siuslaw to Cape Blanco at Coos Bay, the largest area of dunes in the country lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains. In places, the dunes extend 2.5 miles inland, and some are as high as 500 feet.” -duneguide

Sand can give you quite the resistance workout. We had fun hiking up the hills and even more fun coming down them! As always we had to grab a few natural light snapshots. =)

After exploring the sandy hills, we wanted to see what Oregon beaches were all about so we made another quick stop …with our lighting gear in tow this time. The beach we went to was covered with these marvelously smooth rocks that were stepping stones all the way to the ocean. We ended up using them as weights to keep the light stand in place. =D

Anyways, I’m looking forward to exploring Oregon more so stay tuned for updates! (I will keep a look out for waterfalls for you too nyab!)

  • digit said:

    oooooooh....I love it. Yea, it was a bit hard looking past your bOObies there woman. :D How wonderful...I wish I was there with you to frolic and play in the sand.

  • KAY i love these pictures the most. too bad no one was there to shoot him and you. he should of pigging back you done hill with a sun cap coming down laughing and looking at eachother.

    to bad my husband isn't a poser . see you guys soon if you guys decided to come down to WI soon.

  • iamronel said:

    such a beautiful place to relax with, thanks for sharing these awesome pics of yours, btw nice shots..:)

  • mdx said:

    AHHHH...beautiful pictures as always and the beach looks awsome! Yes, definetly snap away when you see waterfalls..MY FAVORITE part about natural beauty, so tranquill. Anyways, call me when you get to WI and do lunch/dinner okay? See you soon!

    • @Digit
      I tried to make them look extra perky for you so I'm glad to know you appreciate the effort. =d You would have loved was like playing in a big sandbox - only way cleaner.

      I know right?! I so wanted to bury him in the sand but he was in his "good" clothes...can't mess with a man and his good clothes. Although we have been trying to make the effort lately to get more pics of us together.

      We are planning to do some sightseeing when the rain lets but at least we know it'll be greener than green with all the rainfall. Yes, let's do it! I also want to have another sleepover with the girls!

      That was on the first day we's been raining ever since. I like rain, just not every day of the year. =/ But there's more green here then anywhere else I've ever lived so the rain is doing it's job i guess. I still need rain boots too...rain boots will make it all better.

      Thank you! You're blog is so much fun, love your style!

      I know, me too! lol... it's a shame we can't go on another one for a while. Road trips also mean road to poverty!

      Thank you! =)

  • ugne.k said:

    Photos are just gorgeaus! Love it! :]]
    And thanks a lot for your sweet comments on my blog! :]]

  • and you said there was no sun! =P .... beautiful!! happy friday!

  • Na said:

    Seeing all these pictures you've been posting make me want to take a road trip too.

  • Leia said:

    You are so beautiful! I love your dress!

  • Xia said:

    Beautiful views; beautiful girl; beautiful photos =)

  • Lori said:

    It's beautiful!

  • Mk said:

    Did you move to Oregon or are you just visiting? Any way, beautiful pictures like usual ;)

  • MKPhotography said:

    I love your Oregon's photos. I live in the state and haven't captured as much as you. Lovely photos keep it up :)

  • Mary said:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Breathtaking scenery. :) I LOVE THE BEACH!

  • Danny said:

    Love the photos. I've never been to Oregon (or the Pacific Northwest) but I definitely want to visit. I've heard a lot of good things about Cannon Beach.

    • Ty said:

      All the Oregon beaches are beautiful... definitely worth a trip out here!