Help us out! Please vote for our contest entry

Update: With the help of everyone, we won the photography tip contest. Yays! Thank you everyone for voting and for spreading the word.

Hi Everyone… hope you all had a safe holiday. We enjoyed our little road trip back home. It was so nice seeing the rest of the family again (and the new little one too!).

Just wanted to post a reminder for you guys about our photography video tip contest entry. We posted a 30 second video on how you can improve your outdoor photos instantly! If you haven’t already, please go vote for us! You might learn something you haven’t known before too! Every vote matters, it’s getting close! The winners will be announced on Jan. 6th. The prize is photography gear. =) We’ll do another video tip with the gear if we’re lucky enough to win.

And thanks to all of you who’ve voted already. Let your friends know too! It’s easy to vote and will take only a few seconds of your time. Just visit the link below and click the Green VOTE button.

Video tip: How to improve your outdoor photos!

Here are the before and after photos (w/ Kay in her fav T-shirt ;p). Take a look at the 30sec video to see the quick and easy tip.

coming soon: photo recap of 2010, our favorite shots from the past year.

  • grace said:

    Happy Holidays!

    What a cute video! I hope you guys win.. I just voted! ^_^

  • Zang said:

    Love the t-shirt. Kay is so photogenic. I went and voted for your video. Happy new year!

  • Lisa said:

    I love her shirt. she such a photogenic and i like you guys photographs. (: happy new year.

  • pa said:

    I voted! Thank you for the awesome tips! it's a traditional practice turning it's back, but i never thought about flashes! I will try this and give you my photo for u to judge if i'm doing it right or not! lol. lots of loves from us and kids! doua and pa.

  • millie said:

    LOVE the tips! also, kay: i like your shirt :)

  • pete said:

    wow! congrats! hahaha! i was excited when i read that you won. i voted for you guys too...