Recap: our favorite photos of 2010

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you a bag full of goodies; good health, good fortune, and good times!!! What better way to begin the year then to take a moment and reminisce about our favorite photographs of 2010. While going through our earlier posts and albums, we were reminded of all the great times we shared together and of all the attractive people that made our job entirely too fun. =) We also have to consider revisiting some of the amazing locations we stumbled upon this past year! It sure pays to walk around the neighborhood when you live out in the boonies. Speaking of nostalgic walks, we hope you enjoy our walk through 2010 memory lane. =)

Above: The transition between spring and summer is always a wonderful time of the year. When the perfect location is found, wildflowers are abundant and fill up your frame beautifully. (More photos from this shoot to come!)

Below: The wedding of Grace and Kmong was heartfelt and beautiful. We were so fortunate to be able to share that special day with them.

Fall is undeniably the most striking season and we took full advantage of it. The cool autumn breeze was a bit nippy but I figured since Mai Zua played a mean game of flag football, a few goosebumps wouldn’t be able to take her down. Mai Zua is my nephew’s beautiful girlfriend.

Always take a walk around your neighborhood, you never know what you’re going to find. We hit the jackpot when we stumbled upon this enchanting weeping willow -the bonus? an apple tree right next door! Yes, we are easy to please and little Anabelle was the perfect addition to our secret garden!

We met up with Maikue and family over the summer and instantly fell in love with their kids; especially, the little guy… he was full of energy and laughter, the way all kids should be.

After a maternity session with the radiant Viola, we followed up 9 months later to photograph her darling baby girl. Felicity had the most beautiful lashes a baby girl could ever have. *sigh*

This set of photos of my wonderful cousin Nou and I were taken during the summer. I couldn’t ask for a better “sista from another mista!” We used to take studio pics together once a year (picture whoring is a family trait) so this photo shoot was long overdue.

Lizzy came to her shoot armed with her helpful sisters and lots of creative ideas. She owned the downtown Portland scene that afternoon. This particular photo stood out for us; it has a magazine editorial feel to it.

Our senior session with Lilly was set in a completely remote nursery. Rows and rows of natural texture lined our shoot. It was hauntingly beautiful. (More photos from this shoot to come!)

I don’t care what anyone says, Mai Yer is the Hmong Kelly Hu! We had so much fun with these two hotties, can’t wait to do more shoots with them in the future!

It could not have been any muggier on the day of Pa’s family photo shoot but it went fairly smooth because of how patient they were. Pa is a sweetheart, she gifted us her picnic basket after the shoot! Thanks again Pa. =)

I remember this day vividly because I almost fainted from trying to become the human bubble machine…I don’t recommend it. =/ We met Betty when we first moved to Oregon and let me tell you, she is just as beautiful in person -not fair right?! I know! =p

Susan is one of those people who make us love what we do. =) We found this spot scouting a few days beforehand and couldn’t wait to shoot Susan underneath this breathtaking canopy of trees. The photo below is one of our favorites because of its enchanted Cinderella feel.

This photo below is one of our all-time favorite bridal portraits. Susan was the perfect elegant bride to match the mood needed under this seclusion of trees.

The photo below is currently framed and enshrined on our personal wall of portraits. The magical Avenue of the Giants should be on every picture whore’s bucket list. ;p

A sunny day in the cold of winter bought us just enough time to capture this photo at the Grand Canyon; definitely another bucket list place to visit. The high noon sun provided the perfect rim light for this faux summery winter photo.

Miles and miles of vibrant California poppies made this day a special one. It was SO worth the 2hr drive!

Some spots take a good drive, others require you to look no further than around the corner. That was where we found this golden field of wild flowers. A mid-summer dream is what comes to mind when I think of this day.

Kristy is another ridiculously gorgeous woman! What I love about this photo is the detail that was captured: the sun-kissed shoulders, the wind blown hair… the textured goosebumps… the layers of waves touching the shore; they really set the mood of a breezy day at the beach.

It was the first time, after a decade of promises to visit, they finally made a trip out to California. YAY! I think that’s why this photo was so memorable for us. To be able to capture this moment in time for them was special.

One of my favorite photos of Sue is below. Her playful personality and perfect smile really shines through in this photo.

This photo is foam board mounted and blown up on our wall of portraits. It is one of my favorites because of the peaceful zen-like mood that’s portrayed within it.

We took this photo very early in the year… the seemingly suspended oak tree is what makes this photo unique.

Ty calls this one the “Ice Queen”. Truthfully, it should be called the “Frozen One” because it was buurrrr cold that day.

This shoot was memorable for the ethereal glow the setting sun provided. This remote rocky hillside paints a picture in my mind of what the rolling hills of Scotland would look like (except I imagine Scotland to be 100 times more breathtaking).

And last but not least.. one of our most recent photos. It is special because we have very few “nice” photos of the both of us. We definitely plan to use our tripod more often, so look forward to more photos of us this coming year. Yays! (More photos from this shoot to come)

We’d like to sincerely thank all of you for visiting our site; especially those of you who take the time to leave your kind words. It really motivates us to share more of our work. 2010 was full of cherished memories and we met so many wonderful new friends. We can’t wait to see what 2011 brings! This year we hope to share with you many more photo-ventures, photography tutorials and NEW video tutorials!

With lots of love… Kay and Ty

  • digit said:

    You in the purple dress reminds me of a grape on a vine I'd like to pick off and eat. Delicious!

  • Kristy said:

    Kay, I didn't realize how long your hair was!
    @ Sue: LOL! You're too funny.

  • Mai Yer said:

    Ah thanks guys! We LOVED working with you and cannot wait for more future photoshoots too! We're planning to take photos once a year (thanks to all the fun we had with you two the first time around), and we're even thinking about coming out there for a different scenery! And once again...I don't see the resemblance between Kelly Hu and I, but I am really flattered that you think that way :P

  • love it KAY.
    a great year of 2010 and 2011 here we come...
    got your x-mas card, totally CUTE.

  • Wendy said:

    These pics are awesome!

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    Nice! I love visiting your site to check out your next photoshoot adventure. Your photos are always so inspiring and perfect. My favorite is the Ice Queen. Kay - have you thought about starting your own fashion blog? (not to add more work) ;)

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    Awesome picks. Every photo displayed on this page is magical!

  • grace said:

    It was fun revisiting your 2010 pictures! you guys took some awesome pictures with beautiful people and breath-taking scenes! Can't wait to see more of you two!! ^_^

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    I am in love with your style and skills in photography! Keep up the wonderful work! I definitely have your website on bookmark to come see what wonderful photos are yet to come!


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    A+++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all your pictures.

  • I love them! Love them all!! When are you guys coming back to Minnesota. Valeng and I would like a photoshoot please? ;)

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    Hi! :) Can I ask where are the first picture and the picture of the poppies located? Thank you!