FAQ Fridays: pitch black manual mode

Hey Everyone, it’s time for another FAQ Fridays question. Today, we have a special segment… our very first video answer. Yays! We hope to do more video tips in the future. Anyhow, this week’s segment has to do with the “manual” mode on your camera. Hopefully this will help some of you who are wondering: what’s going on with your camera in manual mode?

Question from: Foua

How do i set up my camera (Nikon D90) in manual mode and keep it from turning all pitch black?


Hi Foua,
If your photos in manual mode are pitch black, it is because the camera settings are creating under-exposed photos. You have to adjust your shutter speed and aperture (f-stop) to create a properly exposed photo. Watch our video below for a quick tip on how you can easily get your manual settings right.



Don’t mind us being corny in the video, that’s just how we are. ;p Hopefully, this video made it easier for you to get proper exposures in manual mode. Don’t be afraid of manual mode; once you have a better understanding of exposure… you will appreciate the all powerful and super flexible manual mode. =)

For a better understanding of exposure: Shutter speed, aperture and ISO… take a look at one of our previous FAQ Fridays segments regarding exposure.

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  • WHAT LINK? it threw me off when you pointed downward..should've pulled an info-mercial and make the link magically appear with your fingertips! But then of course the video is cheesy enough already.

    No, I'm just kidding. I enjoyed it and the backdrop was 'classy', it's a shame all those photos in the back are photos of you *ahem* you really know how to toot your own horn Kay :)

    And my questions are 1) How do you know when a location will be photogenic? 2) What are the best fashions to shoot? Dresses or jeans? Flats or heels? Ties or Tshirt?

  • Kay!!!!! You're such a dork...I mean you're such a CUTIE!!!!! I love your video!! Thanks for the awsome tip guys! MAKE MORE VIDEOS, MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!

  • Xia said:

    LOL, Kay. You're so cute! Josslyn enjoyed watching the video too. She was trying to imitate your macrena hands ;P

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    Kay- you so pretty. I just love looking at you. What was the video about again?

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    The ending was my favorite part! LOL! Great tip by the way ;)

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    hehehe... what a cute video! you looked beautiful and it was informative! ^_^

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