Valentines bokeh

Valentines day is right around the corner. For the both of us… we’ve done chocolates, cards, flowers and many sentimental dinner dates… but the one thing missing has always been a special Valentine’s portrait. So what the heck… since our new year’s resolution was to take more photos of “us”, here we are messin’ around… ummm with our photography gear!!

This year, if you are looking for a special gift for each other… why not a Valentine’s Portrait session. You’ll both enjoy the afternoon and have beautiful photos to remember it by. Contact us for our very affordable rates. =)

Update: This was a sneak peek to our Valentine’s portrait.. take a look at another version of our “floating hearts” theme. 😉

A while back we had bought the Bokeh Masters kit ($25). It’s been sitting in our photography drawer for quite some time… until this shoot. The hearts you see are actual bokeh hearts straight out of the camera, not photoshopped hearts. With the Bokeh Masters kit, you can change the shape of the usually round defocused background lights into whatever you want; all you need then are pretty lights (we used Christmas lights), a little bit of creativity and a tripod if no one is willing to take a photo of you. ;p

  • gaoying said:

    Omgee that's the cutest pose ever. I think I'm going that's just tooo cute..sorry if I ever do plagarize that pose

  • Kor said:

    Omg! This is super cute!! Ty looks like he was caught by surprise hehe

  • Xong Her said:

    This is the cutest thing ever..... i so wanna do this for valentine's day!!! but we'll see!

  • goldshua said:

    I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! I wanna see more! =D

  • OMG: so cool, i wanna get one.. put this on your list of gears! im gonna be making a big purchase soon :)

  • dorianclive said:

    This is awesome! Can we get a BTS shot!?

  • minggles said:

    SOO CUTE!! aww.... can't wait for the rest !

  • youa said:


    you guys are always so creative!

  • panhia lee said:

    verry cool!! i wanna get a kit now. kekek

  • so cute so it. by the way the SOCKS are HOT. LOL - =)

  • digit said:

    I love it! I miss my girlfriend. :)

  • u guys are definitely messing around! tsk tsk naughty LOL.... =P

    but i LOVEEE that shot! how cute!!! can't wait to see the rest!

  • btw... love those red satin heeds!! i want one now too!!! =)

  • Are you wearing ladies' socks from Target? Because I swear I saw those at Target. haha

    • tyger said:

      I lucked out... these were $200 Armani socks on sale at for 99% off at the designer section of Targét.

  • nim said:

    @ Evelyn
    LOL. I was thinking the same..

  • tina said:

    oh I want a session. Will you guys be in MN anytime soon?

    • tyger said:

      We try to make it out to the midwest at least once a year. Usually around summer / fall. We'll post up our trip info on this site once planned out. ;)

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