Location scouting… in the rain

Being relatively new to the area, we are still in location exploration mode. Hmmm…. I guess when you think about it, being photographers we’ll be in this mode indefinitely. ;p Anyhow, we wanted to scope out a city-type location for an idea that’s been floating around (planning to shoot it soon!). If you aren’t aware, it rains practically every other day in the northwest… so rain or shine, we are outdoors – cameras under ponchos, yes we be stylin.

Below are a few natural light photos from a day of scouting… also read on for a tip on a cheap way to protect your gear in the rain.

As we left the house, it was super chilly and raining with a bit of slushy slurpee thrown in… so to tell you the truth, I was not too excited to shoot under those conditions (nothing makes me pee faster than brainfreeze and goosebumps lollercoasterz). But luckily, upon reaching the downtown area… the rain dwindled to a light sprinkle. 😉

Photography Tip:
Next time you sleep at a hotel, save the shower caps. They work great as rain cover for your DSLR. With the elastic, it’s a match made in MacGyver heaven.

Below: It was cold out.. but we warmed up afterward with the prettiest looking vanilla lattes I’ve ever seen. I don’t frequent coffee joints much so forgive me if I’m easily impressed… who knew baristas were so artistic! I would’ve asked for a transformer if I had known! =p

  • youa said:

    lovely!!! even in the rain your photos look great!

    i can tell from the latte design that you guys are somewhere up north. come to seattle and you'll see baristas work their magic. :) we are known for our obession with coffee.

  • panhia lee said:

    cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! like always. i like the shot of the blurry tree and kay in focus. soooo purdy!

    • tyger said:

      We got it at Target awhile back... it was too cute, Kay couldn't resist.

  • Kab said:

    I love the one with Kay through the filtered leaves. Did you have to climb a tree to get that shot? It looks like it came out of one of those Korean movie scenes.

  • bao bai said:

    Keep them picture's coming I always love to see them!:)

  • There's no more snow there? I'm super envious!! Oh yea Kay, I had a dream about us shooting in the cherry orchard with the blossoms blowing in the wind...hehehe. Come home!!!!

    • @Julie
      We're in the Portland, OR area now and still trying to get used to all the rain here. :)

      • How come you guys moved? Got sick of all the sunshine in Cali? =P

      • Tomay Xiong said:

        Kay, you're up there now? I'm thinking about coming to visit my Aunt & Uncle up there...they just moved back...Maybe we can grap some latte or something...I hear it's beautiful there...take care pretty lady!

  • Nang said:

    WATERFRONT..love it!

  • mor yang said:

    OMG! It's so beautiful over there in Portland, OR. Makes me wanna move outta WI and come join you guys over there! ;) Love the photos BTW.

  • Mai Yer said:

    I envy your lives!


  • Fancy said:

    So, you guys found the cafe shopp? great capture with the drink! I love that place! You portray such an elegant look overall with the umbrella & RAIN! gotta love the rain =)