The sky was falling… and it was beautiful

Every weekend as we drive to church, we see this small roadside park. This park has enough trees in it that we ALWAYS give each other that “look”. So yesterday was supposed to be just one of those days where we head off to a new location and start shooting. But, what started off as a typical photoventure quickly turned into one of the most blessed days we’ve ever had. Mother Nature in her ever so generous way started to drop powdery soft snowflakes upon us; WOW!, we took full advantage of this wonderful gift.

To say that we enjoy outdoor natural light photography is an understatement. Not only do we get to leave the cumbersome lighting gear at home, there just isn’t a light more flattering for portraits than natural light. But when you can combine natural light with the soft texture of falling snow, your photos come alive; that’s if you can brave the cold!

Below: is it ok to eat snow? As long as it isn’t yellow snow right?

For some reason, this photo below makes me think of a baby portrait detail shot. ;p

Photography Tip:
Once in a while, put your lighting gear away and step outside for a natural light photoventure. You will free yourself from the restrictions that come with using lighting gear; you will also start to see creative frames that weren’t readily apparent before. The biggest obstacle is being able to see the direction of natural light so that you make it work for you instead of against you. Once you are able to “see” the light, everything else will fall into place.

Below: Here’s a step back shot of what was happening all around us. Crazy beautiful isn’t it?

There was also this stalker who kept following us. Scary lookin fella huh? O.o

… and he looked like a SWAT team sniper!

If you enjoyed the photos above… make sure you check out the video below. The photos don’t give it full justice. Watch the video to see how truly breathtaking it was. At one point, it seemed as though the snowflakes were falling in slow motion.



  • Kay, how did you get up there on the tree? Did you climb or did Ty boost you up there? lols! You two are 2 cute!! The snow there sure looks a lot prettier than the snow here...yuck!

  • EvNtsaum said:

    BEAUTIFUL...every time I see that you guys have been out and about shooting around town...I am MAJORLY jealous...and homesick for OR.. HUMPH!

  • panhia lee said:

    kay, you used to live in Wisconsin. You act like you've never seen snow before. hahah loser! but i like the shots. sooo pretty. you're make up was awesome too! ty, you're such a good photographer!!! (you too kay) When's the next time you guys are coming? Let's go shoot!!!

  • Beautiful. Ok, I never thought I'd say this again (this winter) but I can't wait for it to snow again, lol.. I'm going to attempt some pictures the next time it snows, kekeke.

  • omg! i LOOVEEE IT!!! u guys are lucky!!!.... and kay i love your fruity beanie!! =)

  • Mary said:

    I always enjoy your beautiful photos, it gives me lots of ideas to play with photography.

  • minggles said:

    awww.. I love you guys. N miss you Muahahahahhaha =)

  • kathy vang said:

    i like!!! you two did a very good job out there in the snow.

  • always enjoy the photos KAY AND TY. i love the colors of the HAT and eyeshadow matching

  • Mai Yer said:

    Almost as awesome as the thunderstorm/almost tornado we experienced! LOVE the photos!

  • grace said:

    snow can be so beautiful, but cause so much havoc!

    i love your makeup! ^_^

  • Heather Lee said:

    You're too cute, Kay! I love how much fun you guys have taking pictures in any sort of weather. Its awesome! Makes me want to shoot in the rain =)

  • xia said:

    snow is so beautiful to look at, but not drive in! you look lovely, k :)

  • KA the next time your in the WI area, lets get a few ladies together for a PIN up photo shoot.

  • cynthia said:

    love it love it! makes me want to post up our tasting snow flakes photos up too! but they aren't nearly as impeccable as u guys'!
    kay, ur just too cute for words!

  • Esther said:

    I came across your blog while looking for tips on photographing snow, and your pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I was wondering if you could give me any tips for my camera settings? (I'm fairly new to photography, and I want to shoot pictures of a couple in the snow, and I have a 50mm 1.8, and a kit lens with the nikon d3200.) All I know is that you need to overexpose about 2, set white balance to shade... I'd greatly appreciate any tips you can give me. :)


    • tyger said:

      Hi Esther,
      Thanks for stopping by our site. Yes you will have to overexpose a bit because all the white will trick your in-camera meter. When you're on site, check your histogram to make sure you're not blowing out the white level. Shoot in RAW to give you more room to work with the photo in post processing just in case. Have fun with the snow, capture photos with motion and most of all stay warm.

      Hope this helps. =)