On the Road: California swingin!

Hi Everyone, we just wanted everyone to know about our California road trip coming up in a few weeks! We’re so excited! Not only does it give us a chance to visit family, we’ve also set aside time for creative portrait sessions! We’re planning to make stops in some of the larger cities so those of you from CA who’ve always wanted a portrait session… here’s your chance! The cities we have planned for this trip are: Southern CA: Orange/LA county area, Fresno, SanFran/Bay area and then Sacramento. If your city isn’t listed, let us know… if enough are seriously interested, we might add additional stops along the way.

Here is our tentative schedule:

  1. Southern CA, Orange/LA county: Sunday April 24th – to – Sat. April 30th.
  2. Fresno: Sunday May 1st – to – Tue May 3rd.
  3. Bay area / Sacramento: Wed. May 4th – to – Sun. May 8th.

Please note: Dates and locations are subject to change. (Unless something crazy happens, this should be our schedule for the most part ;p)

Since every post should have a photo, here’s one from our last visit down there! Yays. So excited to see CA again… jump for joy! Click through the rest of this post to see all the details, and a special group offer!

napa 7 Road trip: Napa Valley

If you are interested, contact us for rates. We’re expecting weekend dates to book up fast, so if you want to secure your date, book early! Dates will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Dates can only be secured with booking deposits ($50) so lock in your date as soon as possible!

Also, there are perks for referring friends and family. For every booked referral we get from you, you receive $25 in print credit. If you can get three other booked sessions from your same city, you get a FREE 2hour session (contact us for specific details).

  • bao bai said:

    Next time you two are in MN. MLX is booking a date with ya. Let us know.:)

  • Mao Thao said:

    Really awesome work! Let me know if you're ever in the Atlanta area and would love to have a photo shoot with my vintage items. Wishing you much success!

    • @Bao: Thank you for all of your support MLX! We can't wait to see you ladies, we have SO much planned...will share with you soon! =)

      @Mao: Thank you very much Mao! I also checked out your site and wished you lived closer, lol, totally love your beautiful vintage items!

  • Mao Thao said:

    If PG needs any vintage decor close to home, there is a vintage rental biz in Oregon called Marigold Vintage Event Rentals: http://marigoldrentals.blogspot.com/

    She's got some gorgeous items too!

    • @Mao: Thank you for sharing, she does have a wonderful collection of vintage items! =D