Portrait: Grecian escape

We had a whirlwind of adventures with my awesome niece KJ when we stopped to visit her in San Francisco last month. I will definitely be doing a post soon about our visit there, because on this trip I had such a blast meeting new friends and absolutely fell in love with San Francisco (the city of brotherly love?.. wait that’s Philly). Anyhow, we literally drove all over town scouting for pretty locations for upcoming shoots and found about a bajillion of them! One of those places was the Legion of Honor…where we eventually decided to shoot KJ’s portrait session. So how do you match a perfect location? With the perfect dress, of course! Ty surprised us both when he pulled the cutest dress from the racks…high-five Babe! =D

Anyways, KJ’s always so busy with her new career, we wanted to give her a fun little escape…we hope you like the pictures as much as we do KJ!

It was quite chilly during the shoot but I was so glad KJ toughed it out for us, she was a breeze (no pun intended) to work with! The wind worked in our favor and gave her the perfect wind-tossed hair, not to mention beautiful movement to her dress.

When you’re with us you have to learn how to walk the walk…or at least have fun trying! KJ was a quick learner and was strutting it in no time at all. 😉

I cannot say enough about KJ and these next pictures are the reason why! Her laughs and smiles come so easily…and they’re infectious so watch out around her! =p

The setting sun provided some gorgeous sidelight for the shot below.

The pillars make me want to leave for Athens on the first plane outta here!

One of my favorites of KJ below…she just commands attention in this picture. =)

It’s always rewarding being able to photograph at a location with amazing architecture like this. I have to give a special thanks to Ty’s friend (thanks Lee!) for pointing us towards this place. While most of our photos were from the outside, here’s a little detail of what the inner quad looked like in the last photo.

Kajua, thank you so much for your hospitality. I enjoyed everything from the shopping to the crepes to you selling blankets. lol =) We cannot wait to see you again in August!

  • bao bai said:

    You two always amaze me day by day with all these beautiful pictures. Great job on always updating you site.:) It really shows who's slacking and weak sauces lol.:P

  • Jewls said:

    Love it guys! And OMG that dress! Wow and Ty picked it?! Kay you'd better what out we have another fashionista in the house and he's about to take you by storm! :)

  • Lori said:

    The architecture is a stunning backdrop for KJ. She's obviously the centerpiece =P Beautiful photos!

  • @Julie: Yes, this is in San Fran!

    @Bao: We know you're going through some personal issues right now so no worries...you'll get to a good place in time. =) I remember when my nephew passed, I didn't do a single thing that was photography-related for 3 whole months. =/

    @Jewls: LOL! You have no idea Jewls...ahahah, Ty's closet is twice the size of mine if that's a giveaway. =p

    @Lori: Thank you! KJ was the ideal subject....beautiful, easy to work with, and willing to go the distance for a good shot.

    • bao bai said:

      Thanks for understanding. You can read me well.:)

    • Jewls said:

      LMAO wow...now that we have to see...post up pics of Ty's closet and Kay's closet! Closet Shoot!!!! :P

  • Tomay said:

    Beautiful work! Another natural, I'm starting to think it is the photographer's work that makes them look amazingly gorgeous. Of course they are already beautiful;-)

  • I love the location, I love the dress, I love the model! I love it all! Such delightful pictures!!!!

  • Mina said:

    Hello! I love your photo work! The pictures you take are beautiful!!! I was wondering do you do any editing to the photos? Like the very first one for this shoot, did you blur the background in photoshop or anything or was this all you camera?

    • tyger said:

      Hi Mina, thanks for stopping by our site. The blur you see is all done through in-camera settings. Take a look at our post on aperture settings to see how you can get similar results!

  • Ka said:

    Hi there,
    You guys do an amazing job and have inspired me to buy a Nikon D7000. I am wondering how you get all the background in without making the subject look so small? Can you do this with a 50mm/1.4g lens or is there a special lens you recommend?

    Keep the pictures coming!

    • tyger said:

      You can certainly do it with the 50mm on your D7000, step backwards until you fill the frame with your subject and background. If you are worried about not having enough space, you can use a shorter focal length like the 35mm. Go out and try shooting a few photos from different focal lengths, it will help visualize the effects of different focal lengths on the resulting image.

      The general rule with focal lengths is that, with a wider focal length (smaller mm) the background will seem to stretch behind your subject. This will create a photo with a more roomy feel. If you do not want that, then use a longer focal length (larger mm). It will compress the background and make it look as though you are pulling the background closer to your subject. This creates a flatter overall image.