Portrait: Savannah

During one of our recent scouting adventures, we found a new super amazing location! Although it is much smaller obviously, it felt like a wide open reserve. This little gem of a nature trail had everything from towering trees, to fields covered in wild flowers, to winding trails and even a little pond. Truth be told, every time we head out to a new place, we’re never sure of what to expect… but still, we always go ;prettyGeeky style: armed with a pretty dress and camera. 😛

I call this new location: Savannah… because that’s what it felt like, endless fields of beautiful grassland.

Above is what I titled: Blue Savannah (brings back memories from that good old Erasure song with the same name: Blue Savannah). There’s relatively very little “blue”; certainly not what is expected from something called Blue Savannah… but it’s the blue that DOES exist that makes it so special.

Below: It was a partly cloudy day… which meant we were at the mercy of the harsh sunlight. Sometimes the sun would be hidden behind a cloud creating the ideal flattering diffused light. Other times (like below) it would be direct and harsh, but if used properly you can use that light to your advantage: soft hazy light.

In a matter of minutes, the sun is back behind a cloud… can you see the difference in contrast and clarity?

I love summery spring and the color it brings with it! We’ve been waiting all winter for this.

After a few handful of frames at the grassy field, we found a narrow trail carved through slender evergreens. Even with the dappled light, the trail made for a decent backdrop.

Below: Detail shots of the wildflowers seemingly raising their hands at you: Pick Me! The other frame is of scattered trees amongst the grass. Can you see the frame of a future portrait there?

You should seriously see the looks on our faces as we walk into an amazing spot. This little section felt like the Garden of Eden, with its perfectly arched tree and all. We saw snakes (harmless garters) but where was the lone apple tree!?

The waist-high grassland (neck-high for some ;p) that I’ve been forever looking for!

Below: Our 100% all natural bouquet. No plants were cut or harmed in these photos. 🙂

Are these lavenders? violets? Hmm, probably not. I’m not the floral expert here (what’s the first purple flower that pops in your head RIGHT NOW!?… see? mine too) Anyhow, they added just enough of a purple accent to soften up the frame.

I’m having a difficult time deciding which of all these spots is my favorite frame. Definitely at the top of my list has to be the “Blue Savannah” frame again. Here’s another photo of it: for some reason I can see little Lilliputians jumping from flower to flower!. Kay has never felt so big! O.o *duck* She’s ever the dreamy giant in this photo.

The last one below is Kay’s favorite. There’s something magical about the soft hazy glow of the setting sun.

So which photos were your favorites? Let us know below!

BTS info for the camera geeks:

One of the most important steps to a successful photo shoot that is often overlooked is the: pre-production process. So many times, we tend to focus so much on how we can improve or fix photos after the fact. The reality is though, the better prepared you are (educating yourself, reading your camera manual!, practicing and pre-scouting your locations) the less time you’ll spend in photoshop trying to “fix” something later on. The “pre-production process” involves everything from coordinating the proper makeup, wardrobe, accessory props (whether you do it all yourself or work with stylists) and of course the all important… finding the perfect location of the shoot. This is one of the reasons we are always out and about looking for new and amazing places for our portrait sessions. Truth be told, it’s a great workout having to hike through all sorts of parks and nature trails… but best of all, even if we come home exhausted and sore, we return knowing it was another whole day spent together. Priceless 🙂

We don’t pack anything at all on our scouting adventures; it can get pretty heavy as you can imagine. A pretty dress and camera is all that’s needed! (Yes, she hikes in a pretty dress lol). I don’t even take my backpack with all the other lenses. All photos were taken under natural light with the D700 and the tiny 50mm f/1.4. I should note though, all this hiking with your camera is NOT good for your neck if you don’t get a better shoulder strap. Strapping your heavy camera around your shoulder better distributes the weight. Your back will thank you. The strap that comes with your camera will eat up your sweaty neck in 15minutes of hiking! And for that, your neck will thank you.

On partly cloudy days like these, the important thing to note is the direction and harshness of light. When the sun sneaks behind a cloud… GET TO WORK! That’s your money light ;p. When the sun is back out, you’ll have to pay more attention to where it hits your subject and the shadows that it casts. Don’t forget to use the sun to your advantage.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading. Feel free to share with us your comments or ask questions if you have any.

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  • Morey Yang said:

    Aww Kay! You look gorgeous as always and I love all your beautiful dresses! I wished they have such pretty locations like that here in Wisconsin, I'm so jealous. (:

  • Fay said:

    Gorgeous as always!!! I love all the sunkissed pictures, and such beautiful location! For small location, you guys can make it look like a huge stretching meadow. Thank you so much for the tips :) efforts on having to find an amazing place for shooting is priceless.

    p.s Thank you for the "like" on my photos in facebook. I'm so happy! That means so much to me :)

  • cynthia yang said:

    love the location guys! i know i love the tall grassy field too, have been wanting to go take some shots at the grass field behind our house too, and the purple flowers are just too pretty! although i'll be so nervous standing in the grasses and scary running into snakes, yikes! what would we do just to get the perfect frame! kekeke beautiful guys!

  • Gaoying said:

    I like the first picture that was posted on the forum and Kay's last favorite one. :D

  • Susan Lee said:

    Kay your totally look aswome in the pictures. Lovely. My fav. ones are you sitting . Totally love it. - Susan

  • Mai said:

    Oooohh!! I love a location like this! So tranquil and so peaceful :)

  • Jesse said:

    outstanding work,awesome

  • @Morey: Thanks! Say it ain't so?! I hope there are some pretty spots there waiting for us when we visit! ;)

    @Fay: Thank you! We get absurdly excited when all the hard work pays off. Your photo was lovely btw!

    @Cynthia: We poked the ground before I went in and sat down but there were tons of foamy-looking globs everywhere...Ty filled me on what they were, eeeeeeeeeeeeew! No guts, no glory! lol =p

    @Gaoying: Thank you! We felt pretty good about our little excursion and can't wait to do more shoots here. =)

    @Susan: Thanks! The log was calling to me...lol, Ty got all excited after looking at the first frame. ahah

    @Mai: Start looking for a spot like it over there! =)

  • I have to agree with kay...the last two photo's are my favorites! the sun setting and the contrasts of the wide open space to that hugh log and kay as the focus! it really gives a soft romantic southern feel.

  • Jewls said:

    Awwww...you found the tall grass I have been forever searching for here...and now I find out that it's back there?! *tears!* BEAUTIFUL pictures as always!!!!

  • Tou said:

    Awesome session. Whats better than the photos itself is the explaination and tips that you give afterwards. Very VERY helpful!

  • Lori said:

    I love the texture of those logs. And also the glowy look of those with the sun shining :D

  • Kia Vaj said:

    Kay, my favorite photo is the last one... something about the sun setting in the background makes the photo feel romantic.

  • Blia said:

    I hope Ty really loves you for you and not because you are BEAUTIFUL PERFECT model for him to use. kekekeke... j/k
    You are always so gorgeous in all your pictures!! I love all these different places and scenery that you two always seem to find for your pictures! Love it!!

  • tyger said:

    @ Blia
    Make no mistake of it... it is strictly for her looks ;p