Oh Snaps: What about Portland?

Portland,OR is known as the city of roses. And on this weekend, the city was certainly abound with roses. Ok, so it wasn’t a typical weekend in Portland, we were able to soak in a rose parade, carnival and the famous Rose Garden… not in any particular order though. =p Of course, we bring our cameras wherever we go so here are some snapshots just in case you were curious what the city of Portland is all about.

Above: Kay’s silly mustache ring… taken in front of the merry-go-round.

A visit to the Rose Garden is a must if you love flowers. It is full of all sorts of varieties of roses that you’d never be able to remember.

My favorite rose pictured below…which I have no clue what the name of it is. =/ Anyways, I love how intricate and tightly bound the petals are (prob not the best words to even describe a rose. lol)

Waking up early in the morning allowed us to get front row seats to the annual Grand Floral Parade! This was Kay’s first parade in a very long time.. so she was thrilled. One of the benefits of a parade up in the “overcast everyday” northwest is that you aren’t stuck in the HOT sun all day long. ;p

Here are some photos we captured of the parade.



  • Mai Yer said:

    I love coming to your blog to see beautiful pictures.

  • Mee said:

    Love your dress! Gorgeous photos and model (Kay) as usual.

  • Jewls said:

    STOP making me homesick and jealous about Portland you two!!!! Grrrr!

  • Kia said:

    You guys take the BEST photos!!! Love it all!

  • Person said:

    what lens and aperture/fstop were these photos taken under? looks great as usual!

  • cynthia said:

    u guys are so cute... i want to get a mustache too! =;) hehe and sweet purple shoes!

  • Xia Lee said:

    Love your dress, Kay! Great photos too =)

  • Susan Lee said:

    Kay and Ty, you both always make sure the next time i pop on your website up once a week, you would have good things for me to view at.
    I am totally in love this FUN shot you guys took this year.
    Kay I totally loved your dress. Pretty in BLUE.

  • Kia Vaj said:

    You 2 take the most spectular photos ever! I love coming back to view. I'M A FAN - <3 PORTLAND

  • Love all the colors and your expressions! You make it seem fun even though I hate the swing ride. Gives me a headache! lol

  • kay, you look beautiful as always!! and this location looks wonderful! love the swing shot with the barefoot!! =)

    • @Ying: It was a good thing I took off my shoes...people were losing their shoes left and right while on the ride! I was shouting "watch out below" to Ty...didn't want him to get smacked in the head. =p