Pretty Look: BouchiquePortland, OR

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you will know about my ridiculous obsession with dresses. What’s a girl to do?! But I’m pretty sure this obsession of mine is how the awesome owner of the online boutique store discovered we both had very similar style and interests! πŸ˜‰ I was so excited when she contacted us to collaborate on a fun fashion project together. Since she provided us with the cutest dress, we just had to find a fitting location and add some fun elements…hope you enjoy what we came up with!

I am wearing a dress appropriately called The Way We Were Dress. I want to share the description of the dress from the site because I could not have said it any better how I felt the first time I slipped this dress on and gave it a twirl in front of the mirror.

“This is how dresses used to be made: beautiful, feminine and with sleeves! No need for a cardi or jacket. Just accessories if you choose to do so, but this dress is gorgeous with or without it. It comes in a beautiful textured fabric and lined in soft satin.”

I would have never thought polka-dots and ruffles would look good together on any one dress but they both add interest and charm to the dress without clashing.

We were fortunate enough to have the bouquets created by the talented people at Lucky Farms Flowers. =)

On a side note, darn my nappy hair!! I was having a bad hair day. ughs.

They did such a wonderful job on these bouquets, love love love! We added our home-made pinwheels for a twist of vintage.

We found a pretty country road a week ago and thought it would make a nice spot for a shoot. Once we decided we were going to use a bicycle, we were sold on the location.

EEEks, not much room for a bike ride. I was quite nervous about how close the cars were…

…but every time a car zoomed by it made for a nice wind affect.

Since it wasn’t all that windy out, we brought out balloons for some fun shots!

When making clothing suggestions to our clients, we always try to emphasize flowy dresses. I really liked this dress because as you can see, it allowed me lots of movement.

We had fun with this set! A slight gust of wind was moving the balloons around so Ty just snapped away, finding any pockets he could to capture me in.


Thanks for stopping by our blog. Which photos were your favorites? Did you like the balloon photos more? or the old school bicycle photos? or the bouquet shots? Let us know below, your comments are greatly appreciated and really motivate us to keep sharing :).

A closing photo below… we managed to get one of us together ;p Yays.

Special Thanks:

Wardrobe: I want to thank Bouchique for this super comfy and beautiful dress. Please check out her site, you will not be disappointed! I love many of the shoes as well but my itty bitty feet will never fit them (size 4!!).

Props: Thanks goes out to our good friend Judy for letting us use her vintage bicycle. And for the lovely bouquets that fill my room with their wonderful scent, thank you Lucky Farms Flowers.

Photographer: Thank you Babe for always making me look less “geeky” and more “pretty” xoxo

  • cynthia said:

    aww that's so charming, delightfully taken!! love the balloons, had in mind in doing something similar with red balloons! love it love it love!!

  • Nana said:

    Absolutely love this post, and love your blog! Super informative for people who want to get into photography.

  • Julia R said:

    Awesome!! I loved the balloon shots, and flowers & bike..... I guess I loved them all. And I'm obsessed with pretty dresses myself. 
    I can’t wait to do a shoot soon with the inspiration I get from you guys. Keep up the good work!!

  • bao bai said:

    Pretty indeed! I like the old school ones.:)

  • Nou Vang said:

    i love the dress

  • Panhia Lee said:

    I looove loooove loooove. stop being so damn pretty kay! tiger bite! =P

  • Viola said:

    I love the bicylce shots! So cute!

  • youa said:

    omg. love love love! i love the balloons and the bicycle! i think they made excellent props. it gave the photos a vintage look. Kay - you look great as always!

  • Mai Lee said:

    Love Bouchique and their products, so feminine and soft. Great shoot!

  • pang said:

    im in love with the bike!!

  • Yeej said:

    Love the bicycle ones! Were these all taken with the 50mm f1.4?

    • tyger said:

      Yes these were all taken under natural light with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4. It's a great go-to portrait lens.

  • Xia said:

    I love love love these photos! Kay you look fabulous and Ty you did such a great job! Y'all make such an awesome team =)

  • Purple and yellow, love the harmony of this pix!
    it makes me want to go cycling in the countryside now! =)

  • Dammit! I want to shoot with you guys. Maybe I'll force my parents to cancel so that I can take their spot, LOL!

  • Mai Yer said:

    You guys always have the cutest pictures.

  • maychee khang said:

    wow love all the pics...

  • Susan Lee said:

    breathing taking TY and KAY.
    one of my best photoshoots i've seen of KAY, or i should say MANY.
    Kay i'm really loving the photo of you riding the bike and coming towards at TY lol and honestly the you standing with the bike facing me.
    LOVE it.

  • Lori said:

    The first one at the top and the second balloons one are my favorites :D That's a gorgeous dress, and the setting is perfect. You guys really got that vintage feel.

  • Mina said:

    BTS please!! and as always love your photos.. you guys are my inspiration!!!

  • Mina said:

    i just checked out BOUCHIQUE.. and your pics are there!!! how exciting!

  • mary yang said:

    I just love your photoshoots, they are soo nice and perfect. well ummm im planning on to get my camera soon.. and once i get it hopefull it turn outs to be good. Im working on some stuffs and learning right now. im soo excited after i've looked at your photos. anywais yes i love this BOUCHIQUE, photoshoots of yours. =))) keep up the good work.

    • tyger said:

      Thanks for the kind words. If you keep working on something you love to do, you will more often than not get better over time. You may not notice it day by day, but when look at your photos from say a year ago... you will definitely see it. Please share your photos when you are able to!

  • Zoua said:

    I love the dress, the bike and the pictures.

  • Zoua said:

    Do you own Bouchique?

  • Purple is my favorite color and I fell in LOVE with this session. Ty definitely knows how to capture your beauty Kay. You two are inspiring not only with photography but in love as well :)