Thank you: St. Paul,MN Workshop 2011

It is always rewarding to share our love of photography. Was glad to see so many attentive eyes and ears in the office. While discussion in the office was a great way to start off the workshop, I think everyone really enjoyed getting out on location for some hands-on work. Quickly, they all realized that while out on an outdoor photography session, there are many uninvited guests. Like say… mosquitoes and oh a million grasshoppers. yikes!

It was such a blast meeting everyone at our workshop. I hope each of you came away with something new and helpful. Can’t wait to do it all again next time! Here are a few photos we were able to snap amid the non-stop babble coming out of my mouth lol.

I hope it was instructional and as fun for everyone as it was for the two of us. Can’t wait to do it again… maybe a separate workshop for a more in-depth topic like off-camera flash photography, or night-time photography? What do you think? What kind of workshop would you attend? Let us know below!

  • Wonderful and wish I can attend but I"m in Sacramento. OMG, I've experience with mosquitos b4 and ya, it was uncomfortable for me.

    I were totally going to join your workshop if you ever host one down here.

    Khong M. Lee
    KMLee Design|Photography

  • bao bai said:

    Great job to everyone! It's amazing how photo craze photographers can get hehe. Ty and Kay give yourselves a pat on the back, you two amaze me everyday.:) Just love coming here and seeing your beautiful work get better and better by the day. Keep up the great work. It's photographers with skills and talents like you two that keeps us photographers and picture whores motivated!:D Can't wait to see all the picture's you two took while here in the midwest. The day and time is sure running low and will miss you dearly when you two head back home. *cries*:*(

  • Jesse said:

    I missed your workshop when you where in So.California. If you ever come to So. Cal again please email me I would love to attend. You make it look easy. Bye

  • Susan Lee said:

    i'll sign up when your in appleton or green bay Kay

  • Jenny said:

    I'm waiting to see if u guys can come to wi...

    • tyger said:

      Sadly, we wont have the time during this trip for a workshop in Wisconsin... but hopefully in the future we will be able to. The workshop in St. Paul was very rewarding for us.

  • Thong said:

    Oh! Hi, I know Im just a stranger but I've been following your website/ blogs and on youtube. I love your love how you guys are a team, and your creative styles, especially with outdoors photography. I've always loved photography but haven't been able to invest much time into nor do I know anyone who does these hands on workshops- going out on location etc, or studio. I am beginner. I'd love to tag along next time for a workshop in MN if you guys are ever back. Please let me know.



  • maita vang said:

    Where in St. Paul did you go to take the pictures?