Sneak Peek: the “I Do” Dress

Remember our “Quest for the Prettiest Dress” contest? Here’s a peek at the stunning dress that won a free session! More photos and contests to come!

  • Mylee Kong said:

    It looks super nice!! Love it!! Can't wait to see the rest.

  • goldshua said:

    Can't wait for the rest of the pictures!

  • Blia said:

    So very beautiful like the forest in Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"!! Oh, how I love for my backyard to look like that forest one day! And this looks almost like it but instead of Princess Aurora it is Princess Faith!!!! kekeke j/k Okay, this picture is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the rest!! So excited!

  • Cindy said:

    Can't wait to see the pictures!

  • you guys keep me waiting, and i come by twice a day just to see if the sneek peeks are updated. = (
    looking forward to the great captures of each shoot you guys did this summer/fall. hard work pays off at the end. = )D
    Hope all is well.


  • Ka said:

    Amazing!!! Yes, we can't wait to see the rest!

  • Milly said:

    Kay & Ty, you both have been awarded as the Greatest Teasers! Lol. Looking forward to see the whole sessions from all these teaers :) BTW, I love the feel of this image, particularly the trees!

  • @Mylee: Hello gorgeous! Glad you like it, you did great considering how chilly it was. =)

    @Bao bai: Thanks Bao! Looking forward to full posts from all of your sneak peeks too!

    @Goldshua: Your sister was such a trooper that day! And I'm so happy to have finally met her cute as heck baby boy. =D

    @Blia: LOL, loved the picture you painted. Thank you for the sweet comment!

    @Cindy: Thank you! =)

    @Susan: Thanks Susan, we are doing great...I hope you and your family are as well. =) You are too funny, we'll start blogging soon. ;)

    @Ka: Thanks! =)

    @Milly: LOL, thanks! Love your blog, looking forward to all the new pics as well!

    • bao bai said:

      Your very welcome Kay! Take your time, no rush.:) I won't miss any full posts. I'm all over your website everyday and every hour lolz.;D

  • Joyce said:

    WOW! This is one of your sessions that I can't wait to unfold... Just look at that lovely light and dress (and a stunning lady, too).