Portrait: Yes to the dress

A while back we held the “Quest for the Prettiest Dress” contest where everyone was allowed to submit photos of their prettiest dresses; with the winner getting a FREE portrait session with us. I am always on the lookout for fabulously photogenic dresses so, needless to say, there will be more of these contests in the future. =D On this particular occasion, this dress stood out to me because of the perfect silhouette it created on Mylee. Can you believe this girl just had a baby less than a year ago? What?! =p Mylee looked stunning in her wedding dress and we’re happy to share some of our favorites from her session. =)

There was also a story to Mylee’s dress submission, and it made this session even more rewarding for us. During her wedding, Mylee wasn’t able to get creative portraits in her dress! With a stunning dress like hers, we weren’t about to let go the opportunity to right this wrong! ;p

Loving the train of this dress, isn’t it gorgeous?! And her bouquet of red roses was lovely and added a nice touch of color.

Mylee was pretty laid-back and very accommodating, she didn’t even cringe at all when we asked her to lay down on the ground in her pristine white dress! She really was a trooper throughout the whole shoot and it was quite chilly out that day as well so lots of love to her for braving the cold and our many odd requests. =)

Nearby our grassy field was a stretch of majestic oak trees. The setting sun provided the perfect dramatic light.

Look what a plain old painter’s ladder can add to a portrait!

Mylee, we hope you like the photos and thanks for being so willing and oh so gorgeous ;). Thanks everyone for stopping by and make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our site for email updates so you can be notified of all our upcoming contests! It could be YOU with a FREE creative portrait session next. =D

  • Mylee Kong said:

    I've been waiting for these!! LOL. These are gorgeous!! I love them!!

  • Tasha said:

    That's so wonderful she got a creative session with her dress. No bride shouldn't be without that. A wedding dress, no matter how it looks, is the pinnacle decoration to outfit such a joyous occasion. It's a beautiful dress adorned on such a lovely bride. Great photos. I love how there's so much nature; which makes it all the more natural for YOU two to right such a wrong. Great job... as always.

  • Namy said:

    I love this! Please do a contest in CA! :)

  • Blia said:

    They are gorgeous!!!!!! Love the sunsets the most!! The ladder brought attention to Mylee's beautiful train!! Love it! Love it!

  • bao bai said:

    Her dress is beautiful! And the pictures lovely.....:)