Engaged: Love spell… Amortentia!

We’ve been brewing up this post all night so we can share with you the bewizarding session of our engaged couple Kathy and Eric. One of the best things about being engagement photographers is meeting couples who share a love for all sorts of fascinating things…like magic! For all you Harry Potter fans, we’ve got a treat for you, and we’re not just talking about the butterbeer.

Click through to see the affects of the Amortentia potion, totally works. =)

Before we ended the session under the bokehlicious lights of downtown Portland (above), we started off at a nearby trail. I love easy going couples who aren’t afraid of being silly in front of the camera. This couple was game for most anything and that’s always much appreciated! =) This was our first session using our new Lensbaby Edge 80 lens too! You can see the effect it creates straight from the camera on some of the photos below.

Kathy and Eric were college sweethearts and their favorite mode of transportation? Bike, 10-toes, bus, car? Long-board!

I loved the reaction of walkers-by as Kathy and Eric zoomed by them.

Kathy had the whole collection of Harry Potter books and even her very own magic wand! Gotta put that to use right?! 😉

Wait a minute, did she cast a spell or is Eric an Animagus?

Nothing like a cold mug of butterbeer after a whole days worth of wizardry.

Poof! Into their new outfits and off to some of our favorite spots in downtown Portland. =)

Kathy and Eric, we can’t thank you enough for braving that chilly afternoon. Here’s a special photo below just for the two of you… what better way to announce an engagement than to do it Harry Potter style! =) We can’t wait to be there for your special and truly magical wedding day. 😉

  • Jean said:

    OMG! These are just sooooooo cute! They are so cute, too! What a great theme, Harry Potter! I fall in love w/ your work every. single. time. more. and. more!!! The .gif images are absolutely adorable... all of them! And what an awesome virtual announcement! I can't imagine how beautiful and fun they're wedding will be!!!!

  • Mare said:

    These were cute pictures, great job.

  • Lori said:

    Omg love!!! And that last picture is perfect haha

  • Mee said:

    You guys make the most ordinary spots look so magical.

  • cynthia said:

    i love the first and last shot! amazing job guys! i can't wait till i lose this weight so i can schedule a session with u two! urgh!

  • bao bai said:

    So cute!!!!!! Love every single one of them!

    • bao bai said:

      Forgot to also mention the couples were superly adorable.:)

  • speachless. I totally loved the harry potter photos. the best one i loved and thought was cute, was them two sitting on the skateboard, and the folks behind are looking. awesome shot. Great work you too. Well if you both get a free time, call me up, so my husband and I can take you out for sushi this year. = ) Keep me posted.

  • Zoua said:

    I love the flash pictures... totally ingenious!

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