Family portraitJust kid’s playPortland, OR

We knew we were in for an interesting session when the first words out of Kimberly’s little nephew was, “What?! We came here to meet strangers?!” …something along those lines. LOL! They did warm up to us eventually though and as we wrapped up he asked, “Can we come here and do this again?” Yay! We honestly had a good time–and a good workout–running around with Kimberly’s nieces and nephew. Not to mention, my heart totally melted for the youngest one, Catherine…a little model in the making!

Kids say the funniest things don’t they? There was a one little wildflower trying to grow in the dead grass where the kids were playing and during their game of “Ring Around the Rosie” they ended it with saying “ashes, ashes…we all attack the flower!” LOL, keep them away from my mother’s garden! =p

Above is a KAPOW from our king fu kid.

Below, our little model doing us proud! =D She was just the cutest!

Kimberly did such a great job with their outfits, we absolutely loved the kids casual play clothes as well as the girl’s pretty day dresses. =) Cute puppies and big sunflowers rounded out a fun-filled day with these little munchkins.

  • Jane said:

    Amazing Adorable! Just like the title says "Just kid's play". Pictures to cherish for years to come!

  • JaeMee said:

    Wow! I love this! The pictures turned out so well!!!! And Catherine is a total model in the making! :)