Couples PortraitRelocated and it feels so goodPortland, OR

I’m even more excited than usual to share these photos as Leiha and Matt are Midwest peeps like me! I get homesick more often than not so I was super giddy to finally meet them in person and see what else we shared in common; moving out of the same state and relocating within a few hours of each other was certainly a nice start though!

When we first spoke with them, they mentioned wanting photos that would showcase their new surroundings and voila! Welcome to the green and wet Northwest! Their session day included lots of pretty trees and plenty of raindrops. One of the things that I do enjoy about living in OR is you get to experience all the different seasons (check out the color on that tree!!) but they are much milder than what I’m use to with WI weather–a definite plus!

Leiha and Matt have become regular Oregonians and the rain didn’t phase them at all! One of my favorite photos below and if you look closely, you can see the streaks of raindrops.

Loved the cute mugs to represent where they’ve been and where they are now. Home will always be where the heart is but setting off on new adventures has it’s rewards as well! For us, it would be finding the perfect crawfish restaurant! =p Matt and Leiha, we still have to take you to eat here! YUM YUM!

Check out the bling! These two are getting married this year and we couldn’t be more happy for them! <3

Can these two be any cuter?! There were moments I couldn’t help but smile like a weirdo at how good looking and good-natured these two were. And since I’m on the subject of pretty things, I loved Leiha’s outfit! You did great woman!

The rain was coming down pretty consistently by the time they switched into this next outfit but you can’t tell how cold it was from looking at the resulting photos…smiles were aplenty! 😉 So proud of them!

We saw a bright yellow spot in the midst of all the green and good thing we decided to take a closer look because the next few photos were some of our favorites from their session!

  • Julie said:

    I swear, you guys can make any location look fabulous!

  • Namy said:

    beautiful scenery