Couples PortraitEdge of the WorldSeaside, OR

If I had to describe this couple, it would begin with sooooo and end with AWESOMENESS! Yes, that’s how much we love Khou and Joe! They are so ridiculously entertaining; you can’t help but have the time of your life every time you are with them. Seriously. Like. Every. Time. They’re not only super fun but they are great people as well and we’re very fortunate to call them friends. They’re also not bad to look at I thought I’d mention! yahoo!

When they told us about the location they had in mind, we had high hopes…we love finding new places to photograph. We were jaws ajar when we arrived and saw so many areas to play with–and snow at the beach? How perfect was that too! The beach photos, like the one below, conjured up images in our minds of the edge of the world so we are excited to finally share these photos!

Absolutely loved the silliness with their lips and mustache on a stick props!

Snow all around? Why, throw it up in the air like you just don’t care of course!

One of our favorites! The setting sun outlined them perfectly in a wash of golden light…so purdy!

Khou and Joe,

Thank you for being such troopers, it’s not easy being beautiful beach bums but someones got to do it right? =p We had such a fabulous session with the both of you so we thought what better way to remember it than with a little behind the scenes video clip of your fun session! Don’t mind the hobo in the black hat and my great videography skills. ahah! Hope you like it!



Bonus photo, heck yeah! We loved their sense of humor; these two definitely have each other’s back!

  • bao bai said:

    Aha, I love it! Such cute and fun couple! Make a photographers life much easier lol. Plus "I LOVE" the hobo. :P

  • Namy said:


    • Thank you Namy! And you just described this day and this couple perfectly. =)

  • Bao Yang said:

    Just by looking at these pictures you can tell they have such a beautiful love. They are hopelessly in love with each other. Love the photos and you guys never fail to surprise your audience with great photos. :)

    • Thank you Bao! There certainly is a great connection between the two of them and we were happy to capture this moment in time for them.

  • Kalo said:

    One of those photo albums that you will never get tired of looking at.
    Love the natural background, colours and composition. The quirky yet good looking couple.
    Eveything seems just perfect.

    • Why thank Kalo! They absolutely were the perfect couple to shoot this fun and romantic session with.

  • mlyg said:

    I love this shoot! I love the tone and the place. It's what I want to produce. I know you have a list of lens you use under gear list, but which lens did you use for this specific shoot and what aperture did you used enable to capture the color of the beautiful sky and also the subject (models)? Thanks.

    • We switch between the 50mm, 28mm and 85mm lenses. To get a vibrant blue sky, you have to shoot with the sun in your subjects' faces. If the sun is in their backs, it will get blown out when you expose for their faces. It does give a nice rim light glow when you have the sun behind them tho. Different angles for different vibes. Hope this helps.

      • mly said:

        Thanks for replying and yes it does help.