BridalWinter BridalMt. Hood, OR

Teala and Jeffrey’s session was crazy fun…or maybe more like, crazy and fun? ahah. Our couple was looking for photos that were a bit out of the ordinary so a winter bridal seemed right up their alley. Despite a few challenges (moving furniture in the slippery snow, runny noses, frosty fingers and toes and ears and everything!), we were so excited to photograph Teala in her amazing Vera Wang gown! Such a lucky girl as this was her second bridal gown we’ve photographed her in. We have adored this couple ever since we shot their wedding last year and absolutely loved spending time with them once more as we brainstormed ideas for their session. Marriage life has done wonders for them as you may notice…so inspired by these two! Onward to the beautiful photos!

  • cynthia said:

    wow, gorgeous dress! she looks amazing in her new figure!!! totally inspiring! amazing work once again!

    • Thank you Cynthia and Bao! I could not agree with you more…she makes me so so proud! I love her dedication to herself and her healthy new lifestyle. =)

  • Pa Lee said:

    What lens do you use to capture the really wide angle shots where you see the details of the trees and buildings and the little ppl! I love this style! :D Thank you and wonderful blog!