PrettyGeeky Photography Workshop 2013

Hey photography lovers, here’s your chance to get all your questions answered, IN PERSON! We’re hosting a limited space workshop (no more than 10) for those who are wanting to get hands-on help with their outdoor photography. Why such a small group? We want to keep it small to ensure everyone will have direct one-on-one interaction with us. There is no better way to learn than to have YOUR photos critiqued on the spot. You’ll spend the afternoon with both Kay and me. Together we’ll walk you through the many ways you can improve your outdoor photography… but most importantly, (unlike reading your camera manual) we will explain everything to you in plain English so you’ll be able to understand it.

So why are we hosting this? From our website, we get a lot of photography questions and it is difficult to answer all of them. The questions range from the basics to the more advanced. Even with a long-winded email answer, it is always better to explain it in person and show you with camera in-hand. You will learn so much more/quicker when it’s actually shown to you rather than reading it from a book or manual. This is a chance for those of you who would rather be behind the camera to learn more! So while we are in the Midwest, here’s your chance to ask us your questions in person.

PrettyGeeky Outdoor Photography Workshop 2013 details:

When: Saturday October 26th, 2013
Time: 11am – 5pm (lunch will be provided)
Where: St. Paul, MN
Location: will be sent via email to attendees (only room for 10. First come, first served)
Cost: $200 per person
Who should attend this workshop? This workshop will be geared toward the beginner and intermediate photographer, the Super Mom/Dad who simply want better family photos, or the hobbyists who just got a new DSLR but don’t quite understand what all the buttons do.

We will start the day off indoors with a discussion on the principles of photography. Then, we will head outdoors to apply everything that was discussed. That’s the best way to learn! How many times have you read your camera manual and felt even more confused or felt like you didn’t learn anything!?. No this won’t be like a classroom where you doze off in 10 minutes. The whole afternoon will be an active discussion between you and us to keep you awake facilitate learning ;p

We will also take the workshop outdoors and explain the principles behind outdoor photography (at least how we see it). YES, bring your gear! You’ll get a chance to apply what you learned earlier and take photos and get feedback on the spot!

This is a great chance for some of you to see how we work, but most importantly, it is a chance to get out there and get a guided walkthrough on the principles of outdoor photography. Whether you just want to learn more about your camera, see how we create the photos from our portrait sessions, or simply want to greatly improve your family photos, you will definitely come away from this workshop with a better understanding of outdoor photography.

Some of the things we will go over:

  1. Understanding all the buttons on your new DSLR
  2. Don’t let your gear limit you:
    – making the most of the gear you have
    – when and how you should upgrade to lower your costs.
    – gear recommendations. don’t buy gear you dont need.
  3. Understanding Exposure settings – and shortcuts to get perfect exposure every time
  4. How to conquer your fear of manual mode
  5. Improve your composition and framing
  6. What is “depth of field” and how to conquer it
  7. How to use natural light to your advantage
  8. How to use speedlights to your advantage
  9. How to engage and get the most out of your subjects
  10. … and anything else you might want to discuss, pretty dresses? =p

Here’s your chance! Reserve your seat before they’re all gone. Use our Workshop Entry Form page to lock in your seat.

>> Workshop Entry Form <<

The Fine Print:

  • Entry fee must be paid online, in advance to reserve your seat. No entry fees will be accepted on the day of the workshop
  • Seats will be filled via first come first served (after confirmation of payment).
  • Location of meeting point will be sent out via email after confirmation of payment. We will start indoors on the principles of outdoor photography, then head outdoors to apply it.
  • We reserve the right to change the location or cancel this workshop at any time. But so far everything looks pretty definite 🙂
  • Entry fee is non-refundable. Entry fee will only be refunded if workshop is cancelled.

Looking for a more advanced photography workshop?

You’d like to attend a workshop but you want a workshop with more advanced topics? Or geared more for photographers? Leave us a comment below. We’re still undecided if we should hold a workshop discussing topics for the budding photographer. If there is enough interest we may host an advanced/more technical workshop on the same weekend.

  • nancy said:

    Do I have to own a DSLR camera?

    • While it is not necessary to own a DSLR camera for the workshop, you will benefit the most during the hands-on portion of the day since DSLR cameras will allow you to switch to full manual mode.

  • Gaoshoua said:

    This workshop sounds awesome! I wish I could attend!

  • Gaozouapa said:

    Do you guys plan to host any other workshop since I am busy tomorrow?

    • Thanks for stopping by our site! Unfortunately, we are hosting just this one workshop during this trip. We do offer one-on-one workshop sessions however. We sit down together for 2 hours and you get to ask us any questions you'd like. It's a good opportunity to get insight on the business side of photography; not to mention a good way to get hands on training on technical things that may be challenging you at the moment.

      For more details, send us a note via our Contact Us page if you are interested (while we are still in the Midwest).