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Portland Wedding: Beth + Michael

Every wedding has a special place in our hearts because as we look back on them, we are always able to recall a moment where we felt really blessed to be witnesses to real life love stories. Each couple celebrates the day of their union in their own sentimental way. Beth and Mike specifically wanted to save moments throughout the day just for themselves (even when they hadn’t seen each other yet!). . Here are some of our favorite moments captured from Beth and Michael’s lovely wedding at the Oregon Golf Club.

Even though Beth and Mike are from Rhode Island, we were able to somehow cross paths. Here’s the serendipitous backstory! At an Oregon Golf Club’s bridal open house, Beth’s parents were sitting next to one of our brides who graciously gave them a referral (Hi and thanks Laura!). But it wasn’t until later that we all realized, we were all at the golf club the very same day, because we were covering a wedding on that same day as well! =)

All of these amazing strings of events, led us to this wonderful morning below.

It was so sweet to see how Beth and Mike were able to preserve little moments throughout the day just for themselves.

How’s it go? Something borrowed… something blue, and something Beantown!?

One of our favorite moments is of the bride with her lady loves and seeing the full range of emotions shared by everyone.

Beth and Mike kept their first look between just the two of them. <3 Another one of those little moments they'll be able to cherish.

How many times in a row can I say YES!? Yes! The wedding was at the Oregon Golf Club. Yes, this isn’t the golf club. Yes, we roamed downtown with the bridal party. Yes, you CAN go elsewhere for photos! (That was 5 YESes!)

She saved a first look for her father too! Melt my heart! <3

That moment when you can’t help but to kiss your newlywed wife again. =)

Setting aside a little bit of alone time right after the ceremony is one of the best ways to soak it all in, to preserve that “We did it!” moment. <3

I loved that Beth and Mike shared wedding day photos of their parents and grandparents.

The night ends with sparklers and a return to the pavilion for the last dance of the evening.

Beth and Mike:
Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your amazing day. We loved how you both made time to preserve little moments for yourselves throughout the busy day. You’re onto something here! Because those will be the moments you’ll treasure forever. Wishing you both only the best, and may you continue to celebrate more of life’s precious moments together.

BTW: I knew we were in for a fun and love-filled day when we arrived upon a flock of invading flamingos outside and then the wedding photos of your parents inside.

Wedding Details:
Ceremony & Reception: The Oregon Golf Club, West Linn, OR
Makeup: Kim King
Wedding Coordinator: Champagne Wedding Coordination
Photographer: PrettyGeeky Photography
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  1. Namy
    Posted Tuesday, February 18th 2014, at 12:04 am | Permalink

    Obsessed with the draping of their reception location. Very simple and lovely

    • Posted Tuesday, February 18th 2014, at 3:04 pm | Permalink

      Yes, we love the drapery! The Oregon Golf Club has one of the prettiest reception venues we’ve been a part of.

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