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Engaged: Heidi + Alex

I am so excited to post these photos up because Heidi and Alex are such a great couple and I was laughing or smiling at every photo as I was creating this post. And a pretty outfit always puts me in a good mood. lol. I was absolutely in love with Heidi’s outfit–the tulle skirt she handmade herself!! For our trek up to Mt. Hood, they brought fun props along that told their unique love story and later on, Alex even used Heidi as a prop! I had no idea what cross fit even was but I have to say, being that I am so tiny and Ty still cannot even carry me piggyback or otherwise, I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. ahah. Alex could do every lift we asked of them so of course we took advantage of that! Loved their willingness and because of that…I literally loved all of their photos and it was tough to narrow them down but hope you enjoy their loveliness as much as I do!

HELLO GORGEOUS!!! I’m no expert but wow, aren’t these the perfect waves yes??

We asked Heidi and Alex to write 3 things about each other and they wouldn’t see what the other wrote until it was revealed here on the blog. We love, so much, Heidi’s sense of humor! lol

Heidi and Alex make such a handsome couple! And check out her engagement ring! As Ty would say, “Got so much ice, you can skate on it.” =p

Caution: Do not try this at home unless you want to fall on your face or unless you’re like Alex and Heidi! When they mentioned doing this pose and said they would go home and try it out, I was thinking…not possible right? But then they emailed almost right away and said it was a go and I was like…wow, he is iron man. He makes it look so easy!

I love red balloons, red scarves, red bow-ties, and I love Heidi and Alex for braving the cold snow with red noses and all. =)

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  1. Namy
    Posted Monday, February 24th 2014, at 1:22 am | Permalink

    I love her simple pairing of the red scarf and tan boots, minimal but compliments the dress nicely.

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