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I love Day-after Bridal sessions (aka Trash the Dress sessions) because we get the Bride and Groom all to ourselves! Now let me start off by saying, this is a surprise post for our dear niece Evelyn! She wasn’t expecting to see her full wedding photos AND these photos all in one day. So how were we supposed to top Evelyn and Jerry’s beautiful garden wedding photos? By wisping them away to ends of the Oregon coast!

This was what greeted us upon arrival at our destination. A misty seaside? Yes!

The rising sun was quickly thinning the morning mist. We had no more than 10 minutes to grab a frame. And did we ever!! One of our favorites of the year for sure.

With the mist fading away, we were left with blue skies and squinty, but smiling faces. =)

The Oregon coast offers backdrops like no other… evergreens pushed right up to the coast!? <3

One last frame before the sun clears the canopy. This is why we love outdoor photography! Another of our favorites!

Beautiful dress and ethereal beach… how could you resist not frolicking around?

Now here’s the thing about the marine layer… as abruptly as it fades, it can just as quickly reappear. It’s an ever changing environment, but we welcomed it back.

How about a little Swan Lake pirouette?

The marine layer returned in full force and surrounded us with an absolutely breath taking (and romantic!) atmosphere.

Evelyn & Jerry:
We hope sharing these photos along with your wedding post made your day as amazing as it has made ours. -Love you both!

  • Namy said:

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!! <3 Makes me want to get married on a misty morning.

  • Viola Vue said:

    What lens did you use for the wide shots? Your Nikon 28th or Tampon zoom? I'm searching for an affordable wider angle lens than the 35mm...

    • tyger said:

      The wider shots were taken with the 28mm. But on your crop sensor camera, you'll need to go wider. You can look at this Tokina 11-16mm if you want a wide lens for you camera.

  • Panhia Lee said:

    LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!! Such a photogenic and cute couple! This is going to be Kitty one day Kay!!! :(

  • Viola Vue said:

    Thanks Ty! I'm gonna look into that one.

  • Jane Thao said:

    Wish you guys were in Sacramento Ca!

  • Mk said:

    Goregeous as usual! Evelyn made a beautofil bride & you two managed to capture such romantic scenes between the newlyweds.

  • Victoria said:

    I would love to know where you are and your pricing for weddings. Where were these gorgeous photos taken? Southern Oregon?? Thanks so much and I love your work!!

    • tyger said:

      Hi Victoria, thank you for taking the time to leave us a note. This beach bridal session was taken in the Northern Oregon coast. Regarding our wedding rates, the best way is to contact us via our contact form.

  • melody said:

    OMG! Everything was so perfect! Lighting, location, the models, EVERYTHING!

    • tyger said:

      This really was one of our favorite sessions! We've always wanted to capture the morning marine layer. Thanks for stopping by.