PortraitAuthor session: Gates of Thread and StoneAppleton, WI

My Sis-in-law Lori M. Lee (Kay’s sister) is an Author but just as important manages to juggle in being a full-time mom. Wow! Her first book: Gates of Thread and Stone, (it’s a Young Adult genre novel… you know? like Hunger Games, etc.) is getting published and will be released August 5th! You can pre-order it on Amazon HERE.

I can’t say enough how proud I am of her dedication and determination in reaching this achievement… and how excited I am for her and also for myself to finally get to read this mysterious book that I knew she was piecing together throughout the years! (wow what a mega run-on sentence.. she’s shaking her head right now!)

Here’s the cover reveal to her new book: Gates of Thread and Stone. Looks mysterious huh? I’m looking forward to it!! (as long as there aren’t any vampire love stories, which I dont think there will be)

Also, we wanted to share these photos of Lori we took over 2 years ago. Who knew her life would change so dramatically over the course of those short years. She had a baby, quit her job to focus on her kids and her writing, and now is getting her first novel published!

She chose one of these photos for her author photo. Yays! Click through and see which one she chose!

Lori’s mini-me, Miss K. <3

Aaand TADAAA! Here is the author photo that will be inside the book cover!

  • Aww, I finally get to see the finished pictures! HAHA. Love you guys so much! Thanks for all your support <3

    • She does! =*( But at least YOU still look the same! Love you!