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After almost 4 years in Oregon, I can finally say I’ve been to Canada! Yay! Vancouver, BC to be exactamundo. This year marks our first year of wedded bliss so we decided to take a mini-vacation to celebrate. I am a horrible last-minute planner and basically had nothing put together for my travel wardrobe until a week beforehand. But it actually ended up that we had to delay our trip a week anyways due to weather so I had time to pick up a few new things. Ty was not at all convinced I needed anything new but I was convinced otherwise. Muahah!

We had some serious fun there! (40-something-fun, not 20-something fun.) Although I can say most of it was because I had my fun-loving husband with me. He always makes the most of any situation…and he likes to take pretty pictures of me so I like that about him. lol. Anyways, we really wanted to do as much sight-seeing (and eating!!!) as possible without having to give each other terrible foot massages at the end of the day so we made a list of things to do daily and didn’t overload our schedule but spread out our activities over the 4 days we’d be there. By the way, thanks to our wonderful friends, Shimmy and Bernard, (our fun couple from THIS session) who gave us so many great sights and food recommendations. Shimmy is from Canada so who better to ask right?!

A tip to keep in mind, check the weather to wherever you are planning to visit so you can plan your outfits accordingly. The weather in BC was about the same as here–indecisive! Good thing we brought our trusty rain gear–clear bubble umbrella and waterproof hiking boots to the rescue! But actually, we hardly needed them as it only rained at night for the most part. phew!

The best and the worst thing about our trip was that we didn’t have cellphone service and barely any internet or wifi while we were there so not being on our phones all the time was quite a nice change. We actually had to look at each other and…oh hey, you’re here too?! ahah. Hi handsome! <3

Here’s day 1 and day 2 of our trip to Vancouver. I’ll have to work on getting day 3 and 4 up soon too. Yikes! I love being able to look back on our vacation photos so gotta get it done! We recorded some video footage as well so hopefully Ty will get to that someday.

  • Fay said:

    Awww Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute together ;)

    • Thanks so much Fay! <3 Over the years, I've realized what a boring gf I've been so trying to make up for it! lol

  • Mk said:

    Absolutely beautiful! Makes me want to visit there now. I have a feeling that you and Ty and John and I would have crazy fun on trips together, LOL (love of food, 40-something activities, photo-ops, etc...) One of these days we are going to come visit you two out there. Happy Anniversary by the way!

    • Thanks Mk! I was looking at your NYC photos and thinking, you guys are totally doing everything I would want to do if I was there! lol. You guys would definitely make great travel companions! And of course, you are more than welcome to come visit us anytime!