Gates of Thread in Stone released!

I have been spamming helping promote my sister’s new book, Gates of Thread and Stone, for the past couple of months but it’s been entirely due to the fact that she dedicated this book to MEEEEEE (and May). Well, actually I had no idea she was going to dedicate this book to me and I found out just a few weeks ago. I cried so bad. And then after I stopped, I felt so grateful to have these two amazingly loyal and loving sisters that help me keep it together. Love ya’ll!

SEE?! SEE?! That’s my name right thuuur!

And look at the pretty author photo with prettygeeky photo credit-eeeeks!!!!!!

I just wanted to finish my book but Ty kept snapping away and I ended up loving this one. =) Thanks babe!

My very biased review of the book based on the fact that it’s MY SISTER’S BOOK and she dedicated it to me, FIVE STARS from the start! =D

Lori’s heroine, Kai, is a person you would want in your corner because she will fight tooth and nail for you. And there’s nothing wrong with a strong female lead! Once her brother, Reev, goes missing she sets off to find him with the help of her hot friend, Avan. I absolutely loved these two men she created and cannot wait to see what happens to them in book two! Lori has a way of painting your mind with strong visuals of everything from her characters, to the world they live in, to the gripping action that draws you right into the book. There are plot twists that I did not see at all towards the end but it’s all very intriguing as I am a huge fan of mythology. I personally loved it and would recommend reading it if you’re looking for a book with strong family ties and lots of magic and adventure!

SO, now we come to how you can order the book and support her if you would be so kind:

1. Gates of Thread and Stone on Amazon
2. Gates of Thread and Stone at Barnes&Noble
3. Gates of Thread and Stone at Book
4. Gates of Thread and Stone at Indie Bound

  • Lori said:

    Haha, I love you!

  • bao bai said:

    Awwwhhh super sweet!!! It's so nice to see how much love you, May, and Lori show towards each other!!!!

  • Wendy Moua said:

    I'm so sad that my book just shipped today from Amazon. I came home and first thing I asked was "did my book come yet?" LOL .. this was 11 at night, and I'm banging on my little sisters' door. LOL. =( So, I have to keep waiting. Again, thank you so much for the book markers. I have something to give along with the books when I purchase them for my friends! =)

  • Susan Lee said:

    I can't wait to get my hands on this BOOK!!!! - Susan