Engaged: Fall into you

We meet some fabulous people in our line of work and thank you Lord for that! From the moment we met Wendy and Sam we felt like we were already family. Both are beautiful individuals and as a couple, great fun to be around! We could so easily lose track of time and spend all day with them–which is what ended up happening! Wendy and Sam flew up to Portland from CA for us to capture their engagement photos; so we took them on a special hike to the always enchanting Silver Falls.

We love adventurous couples who don’t mind running over a hill, through the woods and under a few waterfalls with us! Thank you Sam and Wendy for being such troopers! Wendy, you know my love for pretty dresses so just like, wow, on those gorgeous dresses you brought up! lol. We are sooo looking forward to seeing you both again and capturing your special wedding day!

I love this photo of Wendy flashing her beautiful smile!

  • Pa Yang said:

    Hello, These are amazing photos. May I ask what lens are you using for you wide shots with the trees? You guys are amazing!

    • tyger said:

      Hi Pa, Thanks for the kind words. The tall frame with the trees was shot with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens.

  • Susan Lee said:

    You both did it....YAHHHH Kay I remember you and Ty saying you guys would of wanted to do a shoot here the last time I came and you both did it. I LOVE IT, the perfect couple for the perfect SPOT =)